Make Green Routine! Cereal grasses like wheat grass contain lots of chlorophyll: the green pigment in plants that captures the sun’s energy. They are packed with antioxidant vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that promote optimal health, plus fiber to support digestion.

As the first complete line of pet products made with cereal grasses and other healthy greens, Pet Greens® Pet Grass® live grasses and treats are beneficial to a variety of different animals, and are an excellent nutritional supplement to incorporate into your pet’s regular diet routine.

Why Greens?

Exploring the Benefits of Wheat Grass for Pets

Have you ever wondered why your cat can’t resist nibbling on your favorite houseplants? Or why your dog tugs at the leash to chomp on a mouthful of lawn grass? Read More

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At Bell Rock Growers, we believe wholeheartedly in the Power of Greens — for people and their pets. We understand your pet is an important part of the family, and we’re dedicated to providing the finest live grasses, catnip products and treats available today.

Our company began with a novel idea, a love for animals, a farm, and a large bell-shaped rock that’s always been a special gathering place for our family.

"I love your Pet Greens Jerky style dog treats. I started training my puppy, Cole, with them and he loves them."

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!Kristine | La Jolla, CA

“My cat loves your live grasses and catnip. The best part is, he stopped eating my Philodendrons! Thank you so much!”

THANK YOU!Patty | Chicago, IL

“Pet Greens has a customer for life! It’s nice to know that Pet Greens really does care about its customers and more importantly the dogs! We will most certainly recommend Pet Greens to our friends. Thanks again!”

CUSTOMER FOR LIFE! Caitlyn and Frank | San Diego, CA